About Us

AfroMarks is a trustworthy online marketplace created to promote trade between buyer and seller. Sellers can setup online shop and sell their African inspired products/services online to the rest of the world. This is an opportunity for these entrepreneurs to create value for their various economies and bring back business.

Afromarks is strategically placed to become Africa’s biggest global retail and wholesale marketplace for African inspired goods and services targeted to the rest of the world. Consumers around the world will be able to source and buy an extensive variety of African inspired manufactured goods and services at competitive prices from our sellers. Follow us on our social media platforms for more news and story.

Our Vision

To be the premier trustworthy trading platform showcasing African inspired made goods and services by making use of the best available technologies and marketing mediums while partnering with international organizations to promote the cause.

WHY AfroMarks?

  1. One of the best online marketing  store promoting African inspired goods and services
  2. Gives sellers (no matter their size) the opportunity to sell to a global audience
  3. Aims to improve the African economy by promoting exports
  4. Most importantly, it helps create more opportunities for black entrepreneurs.

AfroMarks is offering a dynamic e-commerce platform that will enable manufacturers, producers, traders and artisans across the globe to acquire and sell African inspired made products regardless of their location.